Periodontal disease, which you also may know as gum disease, is something that is taken too lightly, in our opinion.
The American Dental Hygienists Association reported that 80 percent of Americans have or will have some form of gum disease. The ADHA also noted that most people with gum disease don’t realize they have.
The staff at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants you to be part of the 20 percent who don’t have gum disease or, at least, part of the group who know they have it. We also want you to know about our non-surgical periodontal treatment at our dentist office in San Antonio, TX.
Today, we will discuss some common misperceptions about gum disease as well as the steps you can take to fight and prevent this condition.
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Learn Some Facts About Gum Disease
Not long ago, the American Academy of Periodontology put together some information because of many mistaken views about gum disease. We want to share some of their knowledge in the hopes that it will help you recognized signs of gum disease and encourage you to take an active role in preventing it.
▷ Your Gums Should Not Bleed
Bleeding gums are not normal. If your gums are bleeding, you have gum disease. If there is good news, it’s that bleeding gums can be one of the early signs of gingivitis, which is a mild form of gum disease.
At this stage, your infection can be treated effectively using relatively non-invasive treatments. In some cases, you may be able to treat the symptoms at home.
Brushing and flossing your teeth according to the American Dental Association’s recommendations can reverse gum disease at this early stage.
Both of these activities are necessary to remove plaque and the bacteria that cause gum disease.
▷ Yes, You Should Floss Every Day
Brushing your teeth will clean most of the surface area. However, your toothbrush can’t reach all the spaces between your teeth or below your gumline.
Using dental floss or another interdental cleaner (like flossers or water flossers) will allow you to get into those spaces.
Bleeding gums are just one sign that you have gingivitis. Swollen gums or gums that look redder than usual are another sign. By becoming more disciplined about flossing, you may be able to reverse your gum disease.
▷ Advanced Gum Disease Should Be Treated By A Professional
If the bleeding doesn’t slow and stop in spite of your flossing, then you should make an appointment at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
With the training and technology at our office, we can use dental lasers to treat your gum disease without surgery. Laser dentistry actually offers some advantages over surgical treatment.
For example, we can more precisely target the infected tissue with a dental laser. With surgery, a dentist may have to remove some healthy tissue to make sure the infection is removed.
The dental laser has the added benefit of sealing the healthy tissue. Since there is no cutting, you won’t need stitches. You will heal more quickly, and there will be less bleeding during the treatment.
▷ Gum Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss In The United States
This is something that many people do not realize. If they did, they may be more inclined to brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly.
The longer your go without treating gum disease, the worse your consequences will be. Swollen, red, and bleeding gums can lead to sore and tender gums.
You may start to notice pus leaking from your gums. You may see a pimple-like bump forming as well. Your gums may recede or pull away from your teeth.
And in time, your teeth can start to feel loose or fall out.
We sincerely hope you will not let your gum disease get to that point. We want you to visit our San Antonio dentist office for routine cleanings. This will give us a chance to remove the plaque and tartar that can increase your risk of gum disease.
While you are here, we will examine your mouth and let you know if we see anything that needs to be treated.
Preventing Gum Disease Is Better Than Treating It
If you never have gum disease, that would be excellent for your oral health. Preventing gum disease is a team effort. At home, you need to brush and floss your teeth every day. You also need to visit Cosmetic Dental Associates a couple times each year for routine cleanings and exams.
Together, we can keep your gums — and your smile — in good shape.
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