How do you know when it’s time to let go of a tooth?
The answer to that question is quite simple: you know it’s time for tooth extraction because a highly-trained professional at Cosmetic Dental Associates will tell you so.
You shouldn’t always assume that a bad tooth will automatically have to go, but you also shouldn’t assume that the problems it’s causing will eventually go away on their own.
Today, we’re talking about the common reasons for tooth extraction and how it can ultimately save your smile overall.

When Good Teeth Turn Bad…

Like most problems, oral health issues can’t be ignored away. In fact, that strategy is the worst thing you can do for your teeth and gums!
Without necessary dental treatment, any problems you have going on inside your mouth will only get worse and more costly to your health and wallet to fix. Ignoring a tooth that’s trying to send you signals that something is wrong can likely lead to:
-Pain… and lots of it!
-Bone loss
-Tooth loss
-Weak teeth
-Infected teeth
-System health problems from infection
This is why you should contact our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates at the first sign of a problem with one of your teeth. Being proactive is often the best way to keep all your natural teeth for as long as possible.

When Pulling A Tooth Can Actually Save Your Smile

Unfortunately, teeth aren’t the type of thing that you can just toss out and replace easily. There are a number of ramifications to losing a tooth. That’s why we fight so hard to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible.
But there are times when tooth extraction is actually the best way to save your smile, as strange as it may sound.
Here are the most common reasons we might opt for extraction:

Preventing More Tooth Loss Caused By Gum Disease

One of the greatest threats to your oral and overall health is gum disease because it’s an infection that causes the breakdown of your teeth’s supporting structures and that can get into your bloodstream.
To keep that from happening, you should brush and floss everyday and get routine cleanings and exams by your dentist twice a year.
But what happens if your mouth is taken over by gum disease long enough?
It can lead to loose teeth, or worse, tooth loss on a bigger scale. If your jawbone and gums have weakened long enough, we can help you get back in control of your oral health by extracting a loose tooth before it falls out.
This can help prevent more tooth loss down the road by catching the problem, replacing the tooth right away, and keeping the structural integrity of your smile.

Teeth Weakened By Infection

Your tooth enamel is always hard at work protecting the roots and nerves inside your teeth.
But given enough time and opportunity, harmful bacteria can penetrate your enamel and cause an infection.
Without treatment, that infection can weaken a tooth to such an extent that it can’t be saved. Normally, we can treated an infected tooth with a root canal, but that’s only if it’s caught soon enough. If not, we may need to extract your tooth and replace it with either a dental implant, or perhaps a dental bridge, to preserve your oral health and your smile.


There are two main problems with overlapping, overcrowded teeth.
The first issue is cosmetic. Having too many adult teeth and not enough room is the main reason people have crooked teeth and need orthodontic treatment to correct it.
The second problem with overcrowded teeth is that they’re more difficult to keep clean. Overcrowding only creates more nooks and crannies for food particles to settle, giving harmful bacteria more fuel to grow.
A tooth extraction is often the best solution to solve this common problem.

Problematic Wisdom Teeth

The only reason we give wisdom teeth their name is because they don’t come in until you’re a little bit older. But other than that, there’s nothing wise about these teeth!
Sometimes, they try to erupt in the wrong place, such as underneath one of your back molars.
But even when your wisdom teeth know where and when to come in properly, they can still be too hard to reach to effectively prevent cavities and other dental problems.
If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, we can extract it so you not only get out of pain, but you’re more likely to keep cavities and gum disease at bay.

Make An Appointment

A problematic tooth or a bad toothache doesn’t automatically mean that a tooth needs to come out. There could be a number of reason a tooth will give you fits throughout your lifetime.
All it means is that you need an experienced, qualified dental professional to thoroughly examine your mouth and determine the problem.
With our modern dental office and trained staff in San Antonio, we can find the solution that will preserve your oral health and keep your smile intact. Whether you need a tooth extracted or not, you’ll know you’re in very capable hands with Dr. Moore and our team of specialists.
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