When we are young, having our baby teeth fall out is a normal life event. After we have lost our entire set of baby teeth, adult teeth grow in.  This is why losing a tooth is a big deal. We don’t have a new set of teeth that can grow in if we lose a tooth; instead, it’s a permanent loss.

Tooth loss can occur as a result of tooth decay, gingivitis, or injury. Poor oral hygiene, nutrition, and diet can cause tooth loss as well.

When you lose a tooth, you might find it incredibly difficult to chew, especially foods like apples, crackers, or candy.

Not only is it difficult to chew, but your speech can become impacted as well.

If you need a tooth replaced, San Antonio dentists can help. There are plenty of options available when it comes to tooth loss, such as dental implants.

Currently, dental implants are a top solution for tooth loss. Dental implants are root devices made of titanium that resemble a tooth or a group of teeth as a replacement. Although dental implants are typically the best solution these days, there might be an exciting dental breakthrough for the future.

Surprisingly, alligators play a huge part in this new dental breakthrough.

Unlike humans, alligators start off with an adult tooth, a replacement tooth waiting in case a tooth is lost, and a stem cell that can become a replacement tooth. In fact, alligators are programmed to replace their teeth up to 50 times during the course of their lives.

With the help of alligators, we can create a regenerative medicine possible for humans. One day, scientists will be able to inject hormones or molecules that will cause teeth to grow.

It’s still a little far off in the distant future, but this is a science that San Antonio dentists will one day be capable of implementing.