Here at San Antonio Cosmetic Dental Associates our dentists are transforming smiles in only two visits. Our custom dental veneers are made of a tooth-like ceramic material, are contact lens thin and are placed over the original tooth. At CDA, we are one of only a few San Antonio dentists who have our ownin-office lab that allows us to create custom veneers and preserve your teeth, giving you a perfect and natural smile. Because the veneers are made right here in our lab, our dentists can preserve all or most of the original tooth. The advanced technology used in our lab makes this procedure virtually painless and it can usually be completed in only two visits.
Veneers can reverse years of aging or damage, giving you the smile and self-esteem you deserve. Our dentists are experts at using veneers to correct worn enamel, uneven teeth, abnormal spacing, chips or cracks and discoloration.
Although your teeth are protected by enamel, this protective covering may become worn, discolored or dull over time. This typical wear and tear can be caused by drinking a lot of dark colored beverages like coffee and red wine. Smoking can also cause staining over time. Certain medications can also be damaging to enamel causing teeth to become weak or stained. Some people grind their teeth, which is very harmful to the shape of the teeth because it can cause chips, cracks or an uneven appearance.
All of this can be corrected with custom made veneers that are designed to fit your unique smile. Schedule your appointment now with one our two warm and caring San Antonio dentists and transform your smile in only two visits!