Transform Your Smile This Summer With Lumineers! [BLOG]

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It’s never too late to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio!

This summer, turn your dental flaws into the smile of your dreams with Lumineers at Cosmetic Dental Associates. You’ll be amazed at how these cosmetic wonders dramatically transform your smile quickly and easily!

Lumineers Are A Great Summer Smile Solution!

Here are just seven of the many reasons Lumineers in San Antonio are such a great choice to easily transform your smile this summer:

*They Look Amazing*

Overall, your smile will look amazing with Lumineers!

They conceal multiple dental flaws, last for years, and protect your teeth from damage and wear so your smile will always look great and make you feel confident!

*They Resist Stains*

Lumineers don’t just instantly whiten your teeth, but they permanently whiten them, as well!

With proper care, your Lumineers will last up to twenty years or longer, resisting the dark pigments in foods and drinks so your smile stays bright and radiant.

*They Cover Surface Flaws*

Other than teeth stains, perhaps the most common cosmetic consequences of aging you see in your smile is wear and tear. Tiny damage on the surface of your teeth like chips, nicks, and cracks are hidden under Lumineers and protected for years, turning back the clock on a damaged smile.

*They’re Like Instant Orthodontics*

Slightly crooked or gapped teeth don’t necessarily need years of orthodontic treatment to be set straight!

Just like standard dental veneers, Lumineers placed over improperly-aligned teeth make it appear as though you spent the last 18-24 months wearing braces, but only you and your San Antonio dentist will know you didn’t!

*They Can Reshape Your Teeth*

Even one misshapen tooth that shows when you smile can be enough to wreck your self-confidence.

Lumineers can cover pointy or jagged teeth so that all your visible teeth look even and more aesthetically pleasing.

*The Process Is Painless*

Lumineers are crafted of the finest material so that even though they’re ultra-thin, they bond firmly to your tooth enamel without much modification necessary. Not only does this make the process virtually painless, but even if we needed to etch away a small portion of your tooth enamel, the fact that you don’t have any nerve endings there means the chance you’d experience any discomfort is incredibly minimal.

*They’re Fast*

It’s astonishing just how quick the Lumineers process is, considering the multiple ways they can makeover your smile!

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, our state-of-the-art technology and in-house dental lab make it even easier to complete this transformation. In only a couple of appointments, you can have your customized Lumineers designed, fabricated, and placed so you can love your smile sooner!

Schedule A Consultation!

A total smile transformation doesn’t have to be complicated.

Lumineers in San Antonio are an easy way to hide dental flaws in little time with minimal fuss so you can enjoy the rest of your summer, and well beyond, with a gorgeous smile!

Start now with a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates. Call us today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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