It’s funny how our feelings about Christmas change as we get older. When you’re a kid, all you can think about is what Santa might leave under the tree for you. Your wish list is long, and you have no problem at all adding to it each day as you get closer and closer to Christmas Eve.
But as you mature, the meaning of the holidays evolves, and thinking about what you want for Christmas becomes harder and harder. As an adult, your priorities are different, and it’s challenging to think about what you want because now your life centers on putting others first.
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we believe you still deserve to get everything your heart desires for Christmas. If that means making your smile look whiter, straighter, and more attractive, then our team of little elves wants to make sure you get it.
We can do that with dental veneers in our San Antonio, TX dental office! Today, you’ll learn more about how veneers can transform your smile so that you won’t have to give any thought to what you should add to your holiday wish list!

Veneers Straighten

Most people aren’t born with straight teeth, which is why you see so many teens wearing braces. While traditional metal braces are certainly effective, they aren’t the ideal choice for adults.
You could opt for Invisalign orthodontic treatment at Cosmetic Dental Associates, which uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. The benefits of this course of treatment are vast, but not everyone needs to rely on orthodontics for a straighter smile.
Veneers can do the trick just as well! If you don’t have extensive bite alignment issues and just want to straighten a few teeth and close some gaps in your smile, veneers might be just the treatment you need for the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. That’s why veneers are often considered instant orthodontics!

Veneers Repair

As much as you use your teeth every single day, it’s pretty impressive that they can last your entire lifetime with proper care. But that doesn’t mean teeth aren’t susceptible to damage over the years.
If you’re an athlete or an active person, chances are you could have been involved in some sort of sports-related injury at some point that resulted in a cracked or chipped tooth. It’s also possible you may have bitten into an ice cube, a chicken bone, or a popcorn kernel that caused a tooth to crack or become worn down.
Tooth bonding is a great solution if you only have one or two teeth that have been affected by years of wear and tear. Bonding is a process where a tooth-colored resin fills in surface damage on your teeth.
But several teeth with dents, dings, or worn edges will require dental veneers. By covering your damaged teeth, you can permanently hide those flaws and imperfections that, up until now, you’ve only been able to hide by keeping your mouth closed when you smile.
Dr. Moore can artfully shape and smooth out your veneers so that all your teeth look great.

Veneers Whiten

Some teeth stains are too stubborn to be removed by a simple whitening treatment. If you take certain medications, have health problems, or your genes have destined you for discolored teeth, a professional whitening system may not be enough to give you the glowing smile you want.
Dental veneers are bonded over dull, dingy, dark teeth for a whiter, brighter smile. While they’re designed to look very natural, veneers also act as a form of permanent teeth whitening because they’re resistant to stains.

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Your smile is important to you. It’s also important to us. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we’ve seen the life-changing difference veneers can make in how you feel about yourself. With a radiant, bright smile that veneers can give you, you’ll not only look amazing, but you’ll feel amazing, too.
Imagine how your life might be different if you walked around feeling confident about your smile. Would it give you courage to pursue the things you want personally, professionally, or romantically?
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