You could need a dental crown for any of a number of reasons. If you do, you will probably want it as soon as possible to repair your tooth and your smile.
That’s why Cosmetic Dental Associates offers same-day dental crowns. We don’t think you should wait for weeks for an outside dental lab to make your crown. We have an in-office lab to craft your dental crown while you wait.
And because of the quality of our dental crowns, many people will never know that one of your “teeth” isn’t real.
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Do You Need A Dental Crown?
We have helped hundreds if not thousands of patients get dental crowns at our San Antonio dentist office. Dental crowns can be used to fix a variety of problems:
➤ Broken teeth
➤ Cracked teeth
➤ Chipped teeth
➤ Discolored teeth
➤ Decayed teeth
➤ Infected teeth
➤ Worn down teeth
➤ Missing teeth
If you should ever need a dental crown, we want you to keep Cosmetic Dental Associates in mind. We have the resources to get your dental crown to you in a single visit to our office.
We know your smile is important, and we know that your time is valuable, too.
Call 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) today to make an appointment.
How To Get A Dental Crown In One Day
Your first step is important. It may even be the key to getting your dental crown in a single dental visit. It is scheduling a visit to our office.
Once you are here, one of our dentists can examine your tooth and help you determine if a dental crown or other restorative option will work for you. Assuming you are a good candidate for a dental crown, here is a quick overview of the process.
After scanning your tooth, computer software will be used to plan your dental crown. That information is used to create your porcelain dental crown with our in-office milling machine.
While that is happening, one of our dental professionals will reshape your tooth to form an abutment. In doing this, we will be removing the weak or damaged parts of your tooth. This is how we removed the breaks, cracks, decay, and discoloration from your tooth.
When the dental crown is ready, we will check the fit, and then bond it to your tooth. Even though you will know it is a porcelain crown, you may be surprised at home much it matches the appearance of your natural teeth.
Replacing A Tooth With A Dental Crown
The process we described above is great for most of the reasons you might need a dental crown. Nevertheless, the procedure is different if you are missing a tooth.
Without a tooth to reshape, we need something to replace the root of your lost tooth. This will support your dental crown and hold it in place.
That’s what a dental implant does.
The implant is placed into your jaw. After you have healed, we can place a dental crown on the implant. Each implant can be fitted with an abutment for this purpose.
When the dental crown is added, you will have a complete tooth replacement. This will look and function just like one of your natural teeth.
Just contact Cosmetic Dental Associates to get started.
Making Dental Crown’s On-Site Makes A Difference
By having an in-office dental lab, we are able to complete many services like dental crowns more quickly for our patients.
Without our own lab, we would have to order your crown from another location. It could take weeks before your crown is ready and shipped to our office. The time can vary depending on how many orders they received before yours and how far the lab is from our office. By cutting out the shipping issue, you can get what you want in less time.
We certainly hope nothing goes wrong with the fit of your dental crown. Yet, if it does, we can take care of the problem right here, right now. We have the technology and the staff to correct those issues before you leave our office in San Antonio.
Get Your Dental Crown Faster
We can make and place your dental crown in less time at Cosmetic Dental Associates, but the quality is important to us, too. When you leave our office, you will be leaving with a durable crown that can last for decades with proper care.
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