There are a number of reasons why the people of San Antonio come to Cosmetic Dental Associates to get dental veneers. Since dental veneers are made from a tooth-like porcelain material, they resemble real teeth, and are fitted over the teeth you already have. Dr. John Moore, our leading general dentist who uses cosmetic dentistry, applies his knowledge and experience in this procedure for patients looking to fix a number of problems. In recent years, the popularity of dental veneer procedures has grown here at CDA, and nowadays Dr. Moore and the team here are using dental veneers to fix problems that they were not originally intended to fix.
When people need dental veneers, it is usually to correct and cover up purely cosmetic problems such as stained, chipped or cracked teeth. While the procedures still work very well to correct these problems, the capabilities of dental veneers have continuously expanded into other avenues as well. Dental veneers are now beginning to be used to replace problems that stretch beyond the purely cosmetic realm, such as fixing spaces between teeth and teeth with worn down enamel. It is ultimately up to you to decide exactly what kind of procedure you want us to use to fix your smile, but with dental veneers now taking a slice of the pie that normally belongs solely to orthodontic braces, you have more options than ever! Continuous innovation in the field of dentistry is what we strive for at CDA! Let us help you re-discover your smile!