Since the adoption of a six-month pilot program to regulate electric scooters, the streets and sidewalks of San Antonio have been stretched to the limit, struggling to accommodate the explosion of riders zipping through the city. As of February, there were 12,000 scooters in San Antonio, which is a staggering jump from the 750 scooters in the area back in August!
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we pride ourselves on being a modern San Antonio practice and insist on staying on the cutting edge of technology. So to us, it’s nice to see our city embrace this move toward alternative, modern means of transport.
But we’ve noticed one disturbing consequence to this trend that isn’t getting a lot of attention, and we need to talk about it!
The powers that be have been pretty transparent in acknowledging and addressing the burdens this program has placed on the city’s resources, like clutter, parking issues, and safety. Scooter-related injuries are on the rise, as news outlets and the local fire departments have reported in recent months, but what you might not be hearing about is the influx of dental emergencies people are suffering as a result of the scooter craze.
Expert San Antonio dentist Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. and our team want to encourage everyone to be as safe as possible when riding scooters. We’ve treated more patients for dental injuries than usual lately, and just in the last six months, we’ve seen three patients who’ve broken teeth because of scooter accidents!
Here’s a photo of one of them.

These types of injuries are happening because riders are falling over the handlebars and slamming into concrete streets and curbs. Accidents occur for a number of reasons, including inexperience, speed, inattention, and infrastructure issues like bumps and dips in the pavement and potholes.
Fortunately, this patient came to the right place! Dr. Moore is a highly regarded expert in dentistry, known for his talent, skill, and decades of experience building beautiful smiles in San Antonio. You can check out our smile gallery to see what we mean!
It’s an impressive body of work, full of before-and-after transformations that prove you’re in good hands when you come to Cosmetic Dental Associates for help with damaged teeth or any number of dental problems.
But we care about your safety and want to do all we can to help you avoid the kind of injuries we’ve been seeing lately. We have the latest technology and an incredibly skilled team of specialists who can provide emergency dental care when you need it most, but we’d rather meet you under more pleasant circumstances!
So here are some quick safety tips for navigating through San Antonio on a scooter:

  • Wear helmets and mouthguards to protect your head and teeth.
  • Never operate a scooter while under the influence.
  • Carefully read the operating and safety instructions in the app or product manual.
  • Check the tires for appropriate pressure and tread.
  • Drive slowly and carefully, especially in rain or through slick surfaces.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times!

Please be safe out there! And remember to visit Dr. Moore and our team in San Antonio!
We offer a wide range of general, restorative, and emergency dentistry services, but we especially love to see patients who want to explore their cosmetic dentistry options so they can improve their appearance, boost their confidence, and feel amazing about finally having a glamorous new smile.
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