Cosmetic Dental Associates is your trusted source for smile beautification in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Moore and our talented team of dental specialists believe our patients deserve the best, most diverse cosmetic treatment options available.
One of them is Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment taking cosmetic dentistry to a whole new level!

We’re Spilling Secrets About Invisalign!

To reposition teeth and close gaps in your smile, standard braces have been the long-standing solution.
But today, you have many more options available to you, options that look and feel much better than metal braces, in fact.
Top Invisalign dentist in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Moore, has been relying on clear aligner therapy for years to transform patients’ smiles.
Because it’s an effective alternative in orthodontics, we can’t contain our excitement about what Invisalign can do for you!
That’s why we’re spilling secrets about this method for giving you the straight smile you’ve been waiting for!

*People Will Hardly Notice Your Braces*

Adults have earned the right to let go of those familiar adolescent insecurities about their appearance. That’s why so many of them prefer Invisalign to typical braces.
The time to walk around with a mouth full of noticeable metal brackets and wires was back in middle school, not now when your days are spent in a professional setting.
The clear aligners you wear for Invisalign treatment are barely visible, so your orthodontic journey can be your little secret!

*You Can Eat What You Want*

Wearing standard braces forces you to make certain dietary sacrifices for a couple of years.
No more biting into a ripe, juicy apple. No more chewing gum. No more hard candy, nuts, or pretzels.
Unless you want to risk loosening or damaging a bracket here and there.
Invisalign trays are removable, so instead of avoiding food you love, you can just take them out and enjoy meals and snacks like everyone else!

*You Won’t Be Hurt By Sharp Brackets & Wires*

It’s not the case for everyone who wears traditional braces, but it’s not uncommon for people to suffer minor pain and discomfort from time to time when the sharp edges of brackets and wires scrape the inside of the lips and cheeks.
When that happens, you need to use a special wax to soften those rough areas on your braces, which can be a hassle.
Invisalign trays don’t poke your lips or cheeks at all. It’s just smooth, plastic that feels comfortable against the delicate tissues inside your mouth.

*You Won’t Be Waiting Years For Your Dream Smile*

You might be thinking all of these secrets sound great, which means there must be a catch, right?
Invisalign is discreet, removable, and comfortable, and the best part is that it’s fast!
This method pulls teeth into position in a year or less in most cases. That’s less than half the time it takes for metal braces to get the job done.
That means you don’t have to wait years to finally get your dream smile!

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Don’t assume metal braces are the only answer to your crooked teeth problem.
For years, well-respected San Antonio cosmetic dentist, Dr. Moore, has been helping patients love the way they look and feel thanks to Invisalign.
He can do the same for you, whether it’s with this clear aligner therapy or any number of high-end cosmetic dentistry options in our Texas practice!
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