An orthodontist is a dentist who has the happy task of straightening teeth, not only improving their patients’ smiles and self-esteem, but also improving their speech and the way they chew their food. They use such devices as braces, retainers, and aligners to put pressure on teeth and, over time, to force them to straighten out. Dr. John Moore, the premier orthodontist in San Antonio, is second to none in helping patients achieve that healthy bite and dazzling smile that they want.
Many people believe that braces are for kids. While it’s true that braces seem to work best while a patient is still growing, adults can also be helped by braces, and it’s become much more commonplace of late to see grownups sporting them. Fortunately, braces no longer come in the sole form of traditional metal brackets and wires. Though, there are patients that don’t mind wearing metal braces, they now come in the color of a patient’s teeth so that they aren’t as noticeable or can even be placed behind the teeth so that they can’t be seen at all.
Braces realign a patient’s teeth over time, usually between one and three years. After the braces come off, they’re followed by a retainer, which helps to stabilize the teeth.
People who wear braces have to learn to take special care of their teeth. Food, after all, can stick between the brackets and wires. Patients are advised to avoid sugary foods, sticky foods, and foods that require a lot of chewing.
For people who don’t want to wear braces, aligners can be used — these are custom-made trays that are worn over one to two years to help align the teeth. An orthodontist in San Antonio can adjust the size of the aligners, depending on how well the teeth are responding to the treatment. Usually, aligners can be changed every two weeks or so and, unlike traditional braces, they can be taken out when the patient brushes his or her teeth or eats; however, orthodontists believe the best results will occur when the aligner is left in for at least 20 hours a day, if possible.
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