When coming into our offices for porcelain veneers, patients could see the final results in as little as two visits. The initial visit starts with a consultation on what the work will encompass, and there are two subsequent visits to apply the veneers. During this process, our clients should be active participants in their dental healthcare.
When patients come into our office for dental veneers, we want them to describe to us the look or outcome that they are attempting to achieve. The dental veneer process can encompass a single tooth or several teeth at one time. We will go over options and procedures with you, make sure that dental veneers are appropriate for your situation, discuss limitations of dental veneers, and take X-rays and impressions. If time allows we can even start the procedure the same day.
On your third visit, we will do is place your porcelain veneers on your teeth to make sure they fit well and that the color matches your natural teeth. Next, we will trim the veneer and adjust its color with dental cement if needed. To prepare your tooth or teeth for the veneer, we will clean, polish, and etch the surface, which roughens it and allows better adhesion of the veneer. Then, we will apply cement and shine a special light on the veneer to quickly harden the cement. Afterwards, we will remove excess cement, evaluate your bite, and make any necessary adjustments. We may also ask you to make a follow-up visit to see how your gums respond to the veneer and ensure that it is operating properly.
We are really about speed here. We can deliver super high quality results in a very short amount of time because of our lab. Let’s take another look at this post and make more in line with our office.