In a couple of days, we’ll all be saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming a new year.
If you’re like many people, even if you don’t drink much alcohol in general, you’ll probably have at least one glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve.
That’s why your San Antonio, TX dentist wants to make sure you know how to protect your teeth before you countdown the last moments of the year!

New Year’s Eve Cocktails & Your Teeth

As you raise a glass to toast the new year, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants you to know what New Year’s Eve cocktails and other alcoholic drinks can do to your teeth!

*Watch Out For Dry Mouth*

You know that a night of heavy drinking will dehydrate you, which stops the healthy production of saliva. Dry mouth is a threat to your oral health because saliva helps you:
*Wash away food particles and debris from your mouth between brushing and flossing
*Fight harmful bacteria that feeds off sugar in your mouth
*Shield your teeth and gums against acids and dark colors in your food and drinks
Alcohol is highly acidic anyway, so dehydration will only leave your teeth and gums even more vulnerable to erosion. When your teeth are weak, you can damage them more easily.
And when your soft gum tissues are under attack, you’re at a higher risk for gum disease.

*Watch Out For Added Sugar*

Generally, you won’t find much added sugar in alcohol like most beers and hard liquor. It’s what you mix with liquor that will most likely contain lots of extra sugar.
Cocktails will usually have syrups, sodas, or fruit juices added to them, and that’s what can put your teeth and gums at risk.
Even sugar-free drinks like diet soft drinks or so-called “natural” fruit juices will still be highly acidic.
So overall, if you want to protect your mouth from the harmful acids that are generated when bacteria feeds on sugar, it’s best to limit the number of mixed cocktails you consume.

*Tips Before Toasting The New Year*

It’s important to drink responsibly no matter what time of year it is, for obvious reasons.
When it comes to protecting your dental health, there are ways to enjoy alcoholic beverages on New Year’s Eve without hurting your smile.
You can follow these tips if you plan on toasting the new year with a cocktail or two:
*Pace yourself when consuming alcohol, and drink water between rounds.
*Drink alcohol in moderation, opting for sugar-free cocktails and other spirits.
*Don’t brush your teeth at the end of the night until at least 20 minutes after your last drink. Given the acidity of alcohol, your tooth enamel will be weaker and susceptible to damage as it is, and brushing will be too abrasive if you don’t wait a bit.
Finally, we would love to see you after the new year for a routine dental cleaning and exam so we can make sure you’re off to a healthy start in 2019!

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Excessive alcohol consumption puts your oral and overall health at risk, but toasting the new year for one night won’t hurt your smile if you drink responsibly and follow the tips in today’s blog.
To keep your teeth and gums healthy in 2019, trust your San Antonio, TX dentist for comprehensive, high-quality care!
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