When researching procedures in San Antonio dental offices, you may discover that each office runs things a little differently. However, if you are not receiving basic cosmetic, hygienic, and preventative care, you may soon discover that your smile isn’t as bright as it once was. What does good care mean?
Very often, good dental offices use a procedure called ultrasonic cleaning. They use ultrasonic instruments to remove large pieces of tarter efficiently and effectively. These instruments work with mists of water and vibrations to remove all the debris build-up since the last standard cleaning. For cleaning, they also use very detailed instruments to get far down into the teeth and do some deep cleansing to make teeth surfaces smoother. Then, a tooth-polisher paste is used along with a polisher cup to give your teeth that beautiful sparkle. The tooth polish even comes in many different flavors!
As part of the standard cleaning process, there is usually an assessment of the general health of the teeth at the time and ways to improve on the teeth for the next visit. Therefore, part of the cleaning procedure usually includes education on how to have good brushing habits, flossing, etc. This helps the patient have better overall oral health. The best care out there is through procedures that prevent new problems as well as identify and effectively eliminate ones that already exist. A San Antonio dental office, like Cosmetic Dental Associates, will keep you smiling for a very long time.