Why Choose a San Antonio Dentist

Benefits of a Nearby Dentist’s Office

When you are considering having extensive dental work on your teeth, it is essential to find a local cosmetic dentistry San Antonio facility. In some cases, a dental procedure requires multiple steps and visits to complete, and it is easier to go to a dental facility located nearby rather than spend several hours driving after surgery. You also want to visit a dental facility with a highly trained staff that includes a knowledgeable dentist, hygienist and office staff. Another thing to consider is selecting a dentist who is able to provide several types of procedures so that it is possible to have more than one treatment in one office visit.

Have One Dentist for Every Procedure

If you are the type of person who becomes nervous and tense when undergoing cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments, then make sure to choose a facility that offers sedation. The process of sedation does not necessarily include total unconsciousness but might only involve feeling calmer during a treatment such as filling a small cavity. Using the same dental facility for several types of treatment makes it simpler for a dentist to understand your particular problems such as the configuration of your teeth or previous restorations.

Choose a Dentist Who uses High-Quality Materials

A knowledgeable dentist is able to consider the overall condition of your mouth’s health and previous dental work to understand how to improve the appearance of your teeth or gum tissue. An important part of cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments is creating an individualized appearance based on a patient’s unique facial structure. You want a dentist who will protect natural teeth or restorations during a surgical procedure to prevent damage that requires another office visit. At the same time, the restorations placed in your mouth such as crowns or veneers should last for many years without requiring replacement.

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young girl in the dental clinicA fantastic dentist to visit in San Antonio is 33Smiles where Dr. John Moore examines and treats his patients with a variety of services such as:

Dental crowns
Root canals
Color-matching fillings
Teeth whitening
Removal of plaque
Dental bridges
Invisalign aligners
If you do not have a dentist, then contact 33Smile today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about improving the condition and appearance of your teeth. Call 210-951-4444 or use an online form at 33Smile’s website.

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