If you’ve lost teeth recently or have been wearing traditional dentures for any length of time, your quality of life can suffer tremendously.
The foods you once ate with no problem are now off limits, and the foods you actually can eat don’t taste the same because of the way dentures affect your palate.
It’s bad enough to have to accept these changes to your quality of life on a daily basis, but it’s even worse when the holidays roll around each year.
Thanksgiving is probably the most difficult to endure among them.
Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates hopes to change that for you!
Today, we’re talking about how your Thanksgiving experiences from here can change for the better with our dental implants solutions in San Antonio, TX!

Your Thanksgiving With Dental Implants

Slippery dentures take so much away from the kind of holiday experience you deserve. Instead of feeling relaxed and comfortable, you’re filled with anxiety about what you can and can’t eat and whether your teeth will shift around when you’re talking to people.
But with dental implants, those burdens can be lifted!
Here are three ways your Thanksgiving celebrations differ when your teeth are secured with dental implants:

*Keep Your Oral Health Intact*

Perhaps the most significant difference that sets dental implants apart from other forms of tooth replacement is the impact on your long-term oral health.
Because we replace your lost tooth root with an implant right into the jawbone, it promotes new bone growth over time, with your attached replacement tooth firmly anchored in place.
That stabilizes all the surrounding teeth and gum tissues, to preserve not only your youthful facial structure, but your oral health overall.

*Eat Whatever You Want*

Let’s not kid ourselves.
Thanksgiving is a holiday for the foodie in all of us!
Of course, it’s about counting our blessings and remembering to always maintain a spirit of gratitude.
But one of the things you can give thanks for is your strong, healthy bite thanks to dental implants!
You can fill your dinner plate with all your favorite foods of the holiday, from fresh harvest vegetables to plump, juicy turkey and have nearly the same bite power you once had with your natural teeth.
It’s something we don’t think much about until it happens to us, but enjoying delicious food without stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort is a simple pleasure we all deserve.

*Feel Proud Of Your Smile*

Life is busy, and with family and friends scattered across the country, Thanksgiving is one of those rare opportunities each year to reconnect with the people we care about but don’t often get to see.
As a result, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people during the holiday, and most likely, smiling a lot for photos.
Our dental restorations are stunningly lifelike, giving you a natural-looking smile that will make you feel proud and confident.

Call For A Consultation!

Dr. Moore and our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates want the best for you. That means making sure you’re given the most suitable replacement teeth that enable you to live the life you want.
You deserve a healthy, strong bite, better oral health, and a smile you can feel proud of for a lifetime. That’s the dental implant difference!
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