Questions about Teeth Whitening?

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What causes teeth to become discolored?

There are several reasons why teeth become discolored. Oftentimes it can be the natural effects of aging, smoking, stains from food and drink (especially coffee and tea), or even mineral buildup from other medications. Other factors like teeth grinding or any other trauma that has damaged teeth can lead to discoloration. No matter the cause, there are several ways to brighten and whiten teeth.

Why should you opt for professional teeth whitening vs. over-the-counter?

A professional dentist is recommended because only they can go beyond just the surface to completely remove stains and discoloration that is deep down in the enamel. Over-the-counter and online teeth whitening options will always fall short of that. In fact, some of these over-the-counter solutions can do more harm than good because they can cause damage to the enamel of the tooth. And even in the best cases, where the enamel isn’t damaged, the result is never as good as with professional teeth whitening.

What types of professional teeth whitening are offered at CDA?

Several types. There are treatments you can take and apply at home using custom trays with whitening gel. You get a fast result, but it takes a little more time and discipline to continually apply. In our office, it’s the same chemistry as take-home, but it actually takes less time because it is a stronger solution and uses a light activation system.

What are the advantages of CDA’s patented Permanent Teeth Whitening?

They are the most conservative (thinnest) veneers available and yet look the most real. Also, they are made of the finest, strongest porcelain available.

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