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    You will love the results of our advanced, life-changing dental treatments at the hands of expert cosmetic Uvalde dentist, Dr. Moore. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, you’ll find a diverse selection of modern, innovative dental solutions to help you achieve your dream smile!

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    Cosmetic Uvalde dentist, Dr. Moore, can give you a radiant, glamorous smile using a diverse selection of advanced dental solutions. Whether it’s teeth whitening treatment, Invisalign, dental veneers or a total smile makeover, you’ll walk away loving the way you look!

    Now since Invisalign straightened out my teeth, I smile a lot more. It doesn’t matter where I am. Now I’m more confident. Dr. Moore is really cool. Super-friendly! If there’s a problem, he corrects it. He’s a good doctor.

    — Chris

Correct Smile Flaws With Life-Changing Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t spend another day worrying about whether people will notice your imperfect teeth and gums. Don’t let one more professional or personal opportunity pass you by due to a lack of confidence because of your dental flaws.

Don’t settle for a smile that makes you unhappy!

Find expert care from our cosmetic Uvalde dentist, Dr. Moore, at Cosmetic Dental Associates! For more than three decades, Dr. Moore has been changing people’s lives with his groundbreaking cosmetic dentistry services. In fact, it’s not at all out of the ordinary for a patient to board an airplane and fly across the country just so they can sit down with Dr. Moore for a cosmetic consultation!

That’s because he’s an award-winning professional, nationally known for his work in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Cosmetic smile enhancements
  • Orthodontics
  • Computerized dentistry
  • Dental lab technology
  • Ceramics
  • Lumineers
  • Prosthodontics

Dr. Moore has dedicated his career to a standard of excellence in cosmetic dentistry that you won’t find at a typical dental practice. Thanks to his commitment to state-of-the-art technology, we use only the best in modern dentistry so our patients can choose from a diverse range of smile solutions, like:

Don’t worry about feeling nervous or uneasy at the dentist office anymore! Our caring team treats every patient like part of our family, catering to your comfort and making sure you have all the time, attention, and support you need while you’re at Cosmetic Dental Associates.

We aim to make every visit a positive one, and we’ll provide longer appointment times, cozy blankets, and private rooms to help make that happen for you!

Our goal is for you to enjoy your experiences with us and to always leave with a healthy, stunning smile on your face!

Let us transform your smile now with our life-changing cosmetic dentistry! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Moore by calling us at 210-951-4444 or by filling out our online form today!

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. John Moore

Recognized as one of the few Invisalign Elite Providers nationally, Dr. Moore has received the Outstanding Case Presentation Award for his contribution to the prestigious 2009 international Invisalign Ortho Summit. He’s a trusted expert in life-changing cosmetic dentistry!

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