Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants In Comfort, TX

Dr. John Moore is an expert dentist who understands the best ways to use dental implants in Comfort, TX. One thing is for certain – if you are missing teeth, your first call should be to Cosmetic Dental Associates at 210-951-4444. Enjoy the benefits of implants:

Dental Implants, Tooth Removal San Antonio, TX | Cosmetic Dental Associates

  • Chew With Comfort – Don’t allow your teeth to dictate what you order from the menu.
  • Smile With Ease – There’s no need to feel embarrassed when your replacement teeth look beautifully natural.
  • Speak With Confidence – Never worry that your missing tooth will show or your denture will slip. Implant-secured teeth feel completely natural.
  • Enjoy Your Smile For A Lifetime – This tooth root prosthetic will stay in your jaw for the rest of your life (with proper care, of course).

Dr. Moore is offering a free dental implants consultation to anyone who would like to learn more about this incredible restoration. Call 210-951-4444 right now or request an appointment through our website.

You deserve to have a smile that looks and functions just like your natural teeth. Don’t delay any longer because the solution you’ve been looking for is here at Cosmetic Dental Associates. No matter the current health of your smile, Dr. Moore can help you get the smile of your dreams one step at a time. Begin by getting healthy, and then improve your smile with high-quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

A Variety Of Solutions For A Variety of Smiles

You can trust the dental implant solutions offered by Dr. John Moore. He will assess your current health and desires for your smile. He will then make a recommendation for how to best meet your smile goals without sacrificing the long-term health and stability of your smile.  For some, that means a dental bridge or a partial denture. For others, that means turning to dental implant options.

  • Single Missing Tooth – Typically resolved with a single dental implant
  • Multiple Missing Teeth – Typically resolved with strategically placed implants to support a single restoration
  • Full-Arch – Typically resolved with strategically placed implants to support a full-arch restoration

Each case is unique and different. Your treatment plan will be completely customized to you and your needs. Once treatment is complete, your smile will look and feel as natural as if you’d never lost teeth at all!

Appreciate Your Natural Tooth Replacement

Dental implants in Comfort, TX are the closest thing you can have to grow a new tooth to replace the one you lost. Even the implant material (usually titanium) will fuse with your bone to create a lasting, healthy, and secure bond. Other benefits of implanted teeth include:

  • Easy To Care For – Floss, brush, done. No adhesives, no metal clasps, and no extra cleaners needed to care for your smile.
  • Revitalizes Your Profile – Missing teeth result in loss of jaw bone, which often results in an aging profile. Titanium implants fuse with your bone, encourage bone growth, and result in a younger looking face!
  • A Secret Solution – No one else will ever know you had a tooth replaced unless you tell them. The dental implant solution is so discreet that you may even forget which tooth or teeth were replaced!

Restore Your Entire Smile In One Day

Very few doctors can replace your smile in a single day, but Dr. Moore can with his same-day smile procedure. There are no temporary dentures involved in our process.

You will walk out of the office with your long-term teeth secured directly into your mouth thanks to our in-office laboratory, which will create your perfect restoration with care after your initial planning visit!

Other full-arch replacements rely on plastic temporary dentures to hold you over while your long-term replacement is being made, but we think you deserve better.

In fact, we think you deserve the absolute best, which is why a phone call to CDA is your next step. There is a wonderful solution to missing teeth, and Dr. Moore can help you navigate your options. Whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, there is a comfortable, fully functioning solution for you.

Call 210-951-4444 right now to schedule your free dental implants consultation with one of Texas’ best implant dentists. This is one special offer you don’t want to miss, so don’t delay!

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