Change Your Life With Dental Implants In Monterrey, Mexico

Life can be better than what you are living right now with dental implants in Monterrey. No one deserves to live without teeth, and thanks to the work of Dr. John Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you don’t have to! Trust our expert dental implant solutions to repair your smile and change your life in the process. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Enjoy All Food, All The Time – Get rid of the frustration of looking at menus! Choose what you want to eat based on taste, not on your ability to chew it. Be healthier by eating hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables. With an implanted tooth, no food is impossible to chew!
  • Feel Proud Of Your Mouth – You will not feel embarrassed by your smile after Dr. Moore has helped you transform it. The implant solutions feel so natural that you will forget you’ve had the work done! Speak in front of your co-workers, play a musical instrument, be romantic with your partner, and simply enjoy life with a fully functional mouth.
  • Smile Like You Mean It – It has likely been a long time since you last gave an open smile for a photograph. You can have that confidence back with teeth implants. The solution is so discreet that even you will forget it is there!
  • Trust Your Dental Work To Last – Trust Dr. Moore to provide you with the highest quality products and treatment plans. Implants, when given the appropriate treatment and care, can last for decades and likely until the end of your life!

There is no one better to trust with your dental implant solution than Dr. Moore and his team. Call 210-951-4444 to schedule a free dental implant consultation. Let us help you figure out which treatment plan will be best for your future oral health.

Your Smile Solution Is Here

For every missing tooth problem, there is a solution at Cosmetic Dental Associates. The solution we find may not be what you had in mind, however. Unlike other dentists who will throw the most expensive solution at every problem, Dr. Moore recommends the best solution. Period. For some, that might mean a good dental bridge. For others, a partial denture. For others, an implant solution like those listed below.

  • A Single Implant – Even one implant is a powerful tool for your future smile. This is most often used with a single missing tooth in an effort to restore function and prevent future tooth loss issues.
  • Multiple Implants – It is not uncommon to lose multiple teeth in a series. In this case, we may use more than one implant to support a restoration to replace all the missing teeth in whatever unique pattern they exist.
  • A Full-Arch Solution – In cases where most or all of the teeth are missing from an arch of teeth, it is best to simply replace the entire arch with a single solution. By strategically placing implants, we can restore your full smile with one restoration.

No smile trouble is too big or too small for Dr. Moore. He simply likes to help people have healthy, functioning teeth. Call our office to learn more about your possible implant options, then come in to see what Dr. Moore would recommend for your unique smile.

Discover The Same-Day Smile Solution

You might think that replacing an entire arch of teeth is a long and difficult process. It is not when you trust Dr. John Moore and the team at Cosmetic Dental Associates. We know how to make the most of dental implants in Monterrey. With a collection of dental implants strategically placed throughout your arch, we can secure a custom-created denture in your mouth. Our in-house lab will use the measurements collected during your same-day smile planning appointment to create a stunning set of replacement teeth. On surgery day, your long-term teeth will be placed, not plastic temporaries.

This is just one way that we go above and beyond. You are the one who will walk away from our office with a new smile on your face, and we want to make sure it is perfect. We hope you enjoy these other benefits as well.

  • A More Youthful Face– Implanted roots stimulate the jawbone and promote healthy bone mass, which will keep your jawline looking stellar for years to come.
  • A Comfortable Routine– There are no special cleaners or adhesives needed for a denture attached to implants. Simply floss and brush as you would natural teeth.
  • Inconspicuous Dental Work – Aside from the initial transformation, no one will notice that your teeth are fake! The implants are hidden and the restorations are flawless.

Choose Dr. John Moore, whose experience and expertise are unparalleled. Call 210-871-0984 today to schedule your free consultation appointment. Let us help you have a healthy, functioning smile once again.

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