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    Dr. Moore is committed to providing the best possible outcome for his patients. Unlike other full-arch replacements that require plastic temporary dentures, our same-day smiles are your actual, long-term teeth thanks to our in-house laboratory at CDA where we custom-make your restoration to fit perfectly!

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    We offer high-quality dental implants in Pleasanton, but if Dr. Moore thinks you’d be better off with a different sort of treatment, then he may recommend a dental bridge, dentures, or any number of our diverse, advanced smile solutions!

    I had to come to terms with the fact that the only solution for my dentures was dental implants. In the beginning, I was skeptical. I couldn’t do it for many years, but now I can show off my smile again thanks to help from Dr. Moore.

    — Pablo

Embrace The Solution That Benefits You

Here are some of the life-changing benefits of dental implants in Pleasanton:

  • A Beautiful Smile – Your new restorations will blend perfectly with the rest of your natural smile.
  • Confident Eating – Instead of discomfort and embarrassment while chewing, fully restoring your tooth and root means you can eat from the entire menu with confidence again.
  • Comfortable Speaking – An implant tooth feels and functions just like a natural tooth, resulting in uninhibited speech.
  • A Lifetime Restoration – With good health and care, a dental implant will last for the rest of your life.

During your consultation, Dr. Moore will evaluate your oral health, and your overall smile goals, assessing your jaw bone and the structural stability of your remaining teeth to give you the best possible recommendation.

Trusting an expert dentist means you receive expert advice that will benefit you, specifically, and for the rest of your life. You might:

Dental Implants 2 San Antonio, TX | Cosmetic Dental Associates

  • Replace A Single Missing Tooth – A single implant and crown combination can replace a single missing tooth as if it had never been lost in the first place!
  • Replace Several Missing Teeth – Typically one or more implants are placed to support a bridge that will replace multiple teeth in a series.
  • Replace An Entire Arch of Teeth – Titanium implants are placed strategically around the arch of the mouth to support a full-arch restoration.

With a customized treatment plan, you get all the benefits of titanium implants, but your dental restoration can do other amazing things for you!

  • No One Will Know – It can be embarrassing to lose an adult tooth. Once your dental restoration is in place, no one will be able to tell that it’s not a natural tooth. It will blend perfectly.
  • Your Routine Doesn’t Change – Unlike some other dental restorations, your implant restoration will not require any special care. Floss, brush and visit the dentist just as you have always done.
  • Your Appearance Improves – Tooth loss leads to bone loss, which leads to wrinkles and an aging profile. Implants provide the stimulation necessary to keep your jaw bone healthy and stable, which means a younger looking smile!

Dental implants in Pleasanton can change your life for the better. Call Cosmetic Dental Associates at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to request your free consultation with Dr. Moore. You’ll be glad you did.

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. John Moore

Dr. John Moore is an expert dentist who understands the best ways to use dental implants in Pleasanton, TX. If you are missing teeth, Dr. Moore at CDA is the experienced, internationally-recognized innovator in dentistry you deserve for a new, healthy smile!

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