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    We create long-term full-arch replacement right here in our in-house lab, one of the many perks of our modern dental office. We can place a series of implants and attach your perfectly crafted restorations in a single visit!

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    We do what is best for your smile, and that often means developing a completely custom treatment plan that includes any number of our advanced implant services and incorporates your oral health history, smile goals, and what is best for your future health and confidence.

    When I made my first appointment, I was greeted by a large group of the happiest, enthusiastic, and kind group of people in any medical facility I’ve ever been in. I felt completely relaxed.

    — Pamela

The Implant Solution That Works

You can learn much more about our restoration options during your free dental implants consultation. Allow Dr. Moore to do an evaluation and walk you through your options for an improved and healthier smile.

For now, we want to tell you about some of the specific benefits of dental implants:

  • Eat Good Food – A key to living a healthy life is eating healthy foods. You cannot eat fresh fruits and vegetables when you are missing teeth. Replace your missing teeth so that you can improve your diet!
  • Feel Confident About Your Appearance – Teeth implants won’t change your entire look, but you won’t have to feel embarrassed by gaps in your smile or poorly placed substandard restorations.
  • Speak Without Worry – Missing teeth will often change the way you pronounce words and make you feel uncomfortable when speaking in public. A dental implant solution will restore your ability to speak naturally and without worry.
  • Trust Your Implant For The Rest Of Your Life – Once we place the titanium implant in your mouth, it is there to stay. As long as you provide proper care and hygiene, your implant should stay in place for the rest of your life!

You can choose the right implant solution for you:

Replacing A Single Tooth – One missing tooth means one implant and one restoration to complete your smile.

Replacing Multiple Teeth – Multiple missing teeth typically happen in a series within your mouth. We’ll place one or more implants strategically to support a restoration that will replace all of the missing teeth.

Replacing An Entire Arch Of Teeth – Over time, a majority or all of the teeth can be lost on your top or bottom arch. We will place several (typically four to six) implants around the arch that will support a full arch of replacement teeth.

Start now with a consultation! Call Cosmetic Dental Associates at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. John Moore

Dr. Moore’s passion for dentistry lives on in the patients he’s helped feel better and more confident for over 35 years at Cosmetic Dental Associates. His renowned standard of excellence has led to numerous awards and acknowledgment, but his greatest accomplishments are the happy smiles of our patients!

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