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    Choose Cosmetic Dental Associates for the latest in modern dental care and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. In our state-of-the-art dental office, you’ll find all the best hi-tech tools that allow us to perform groundbreaking procedures as comfortably as possible for our patients!

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    Dominion cosmetic dentist, Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. is on the cutting-edge of smile enhancing treatments, from teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers. Cosmetic Dental Associates has a wide selection of dental solutions to choose from to upgrade your smile!

    I received the sculpting and extraction of one front tooth. I immediately had a temporary upper jaw full of teeth. The next visit, 2 weeks later, CDA delivered the permanent, beautiful porcelain teeth, which were tweaked to perfection.”*

    — Tyler

    My veneers are ten years old. I LOVE them! People tell me all the time how much they love my teeth, and I think that’s important. Dr. Moore is the Neiman Marcus of dentists. The best of the best!”*

    — Lisa

    I am extremely happy with the end result of my new veneers! Dr. Moore did an excellent job, and he truly cares about the overall outcome of the appearance of my teeth and my happiness!”*

    — Cassandra

Healthy teeth and gums are a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, that won’t guarantee you’ll have a great-looking smile. We see patients all the time who, to their credit, have done an awesome job of keeping up with their routine dental cleanings and exams and managed to maintain great oral health as a result.

Yet, they’re really unhappy with their smiles for one reason or another.

It could be due to any number of dental imperfections, such as:


  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Overcrowded, gapped, or crooked teeth
  • Excess gum tissue
  • Gum discoloration
  • Pointy, jagged, or worn-down teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth


If any of these sound familiar to you, it’s completely understandable why you’d feel embarrassed about smiling or laughing in front of other people! Cosmetic flaws in your smile can be incredibly powerful, keeping you from feeling relaxed, confident, and free to be yourself.


The good news is that you have an expert Dominion cosmetic dentist who can make them all disappear!


Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. at Cosmetic Dental Associates is a widely-regarded authority on a wide-range of modern techniques and procedures in the field of dentistry, especially when it comes to cosmetic treatment!


Dr. Moore and our team offer all kinds of cosmetic options to correct and conceal your dental flaws, like:


Are you ready to wow your family, friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances with a radiant, glamorous smile? Then call Cosmetic Dental Associates today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form to set up a consultation with your Dominion cosmetic dentist, Dr. Moore!

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. John A. Moore, Jr.

One of few Invisalign Elite Providers in the country, Dr. Moore is a widely-respected, expert cosmetic dentist. He blends science, skill, and artistic talent to give patients the healthy, gorgeous smiles they’ve always wanted. Let him do the same for you!

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