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Dr. John A. Moore, DDS, a San Antonio dental professional of Cosmetic Dental Associates who offers orthodontics, and the rest of our fantastic dental team are trained at achieving great smiles through modern orthodontics, including Invisalign, and complementary cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and more.

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No matter what your orthodontic situation is, our San Antonio cosmetic dentists can straighten your teeth with orthodontic treatment and give you a dazzling smile. As San Antonio’s first and largest Elite Provider of Invisalign, our San Antonio dentist office can help you achieve the results you want with Invisalign braces.

Invisalign, just one of our dental procedures, is the amazing technology that replaces traditional metal braces as the go-to source for achieving a straighter smile. It consists of a series of clear, removable aligners.

These aligners allow you to straighten your teeth without changing your daily habits, and without anyone noticing! It’s absolutely amazing to see what Invisalign can do for you, and Invisalign has so many benefits over metal braces.

To get your smile in line, schedule a free orthodontics treatment consultation at Cosmetic Dental Associates’ San Antonio, TX dentist office by calling 210-951-4444. Our sophisticated dental office appeals to San Antonio, TX locals and tourists alike. No distance is too far to travel for acclaimed dental treatment and exemplary service by cosmetic dentist Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. Take a moment to learn more about our orthodontic solutions by watching the videos below.

We Offer Four Types Of Braces

Cosmetic Dental Associates offers four types of braces.

Invisalign clear braces are a series of nearly invisible trays that use subtle pressure to guide your teeth to their rightful place. Remove the trays at meals, for special occasions, and at any other time, you deem necessary, as long as you wear them at least 20 hours a day. Invisalign braces are the orthodontics treatment that straightens your teeth without interrupting your lifestyle.

ClearCorrect is another clear braces option that also uses a series of aligners that are made right here in Texas. We also have our own in-house line of clear aligners called Invisabrace™. They can be provided to you in as little as one visit and are custom made in our lab.

Straight wire braces are also known as traditional metal braces. They use a metal wire and metal brackets to apply pressure to your teeth to move them into the proper position.

Check out our smile gallery below, and experience what our San Antonio, TX dentists using orthodontic treatment at Cosmetic Dental Associates can do for you. Find an orthodontist in San Antonio, TX for your dental needs.

How Do Braces Work Versus Invisalign Invisible Braces?

Traditional metal braces use a system of brackets and wires paired with elastic bands to gently move your teeth over time. We use the wire and elastic bands to gently add pressure to the brackets that are bonded to the fronts of your teeth. This allows us to carefully guide your teeth into their correct position.

Invisalign braces from an Invisalign specialist work quite similarly, as the clear aligners are custom-formed to gently push the crowded or spaced teeth to their proper position over a significantly shorter period of time than metal braces.

The difference here really lies in the aesthetics of the Invisalign clear braces and the convenience they offer, with a shorter time frame until your teeth are straightened and fewer visits to the office during the treatment. Hear some of our patients talk about their orthodontic experience in the video gallery below.

We’ll Meet Your Orthodontic Needs

Dr. John A. Moore has 35 years of dental experience. He has treated orthodontic patients at both ends of the spectrum, from mild cosmetic treatment requiring short-term orthodontics to straighten a crooked smile, to severe malocclusion that requires more extensive treatment to correct a bad bite. Cosmetic dentists can handle the following types of malocclusions:

  • Class 1 – The bite is unaffected, but your teeth are crowded, turned at odd angles, or simply crooked.
  • Class 2 – Often referred to as having buck teeth or an overbite. Also called overjet or deep bite, a Class 2 is when your upper teeth extend beyond the lower.
  • Class 3 – An underbite, which means that the lower teeth extend beyond the upper.

Call Cosmetic Dental Associates at 210-951-4444 or use our online form today to schedule your orthodontics San Antonio, TX area appointment and to see how we can meet your orthodontic needs. You should consider orthodontics, if:

  • Your misaligned bite is causing you headaches or making it difficult to chew
  • You feel self-conscious about your crooked teeth
  • You have gaps in your teeth you’d like to correct that can’t be fixed with dental veneers
  • Your teeth are overcrowded and look disorderly

We look forward to treating you and your smile here are at our San Antonio, TX dental office!

Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. has been voted into America’s Top Dentists in Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been recognized for outstanding achievement by the Southwest Society of Prosthodontists, The University of Texas Health Science Center, and Mexican Academy of Prosthodontics.

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