Invisalign in San Antonio Straightens Smiles Comfortably and Quickly

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Like Dr. John A. Moore’s other orthodontic patients, you most likely want to feel confident and comfortable with your smile, so you can feel confident with yourself. Cosmetic Dental Associates can transform your smile using Invisalign. We invite you to check out a few of the amazing benefits that clear Invisalign orthodontics offers you:

Freedom from metal orthodontic braces

One of the primary benefits of choosing Invisalign aligners over traditional metal braces involves visibility. With all the negative stigma associated with having a mouth full of metal, wearing invisible braces that are completely clear and removable is amazing. You won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed!

Ability to eat what you want while straightening your teeth

You don’t have to worry about breaking your clear braces when you eat hard, sticky foods like toffee, gum, popcorn, or apples. Simply pop out your aligners before you eat, and you’re set! There are no limitations to your diet, and it makes cleaning your teeth and aligners that much easier.

More time spent living your life and less at our office

As much as we love seeing our patients, we don’t want to take up all your precious free time. With Invisalign treatment, you only have to visit us every four to six weeks, as opposed to nearly every other week with metal braces. Orthodontic care with Invisalign can help you look great and let you enjoy life!

Low cost of clear aligners over the cost of braces

The costs of braces and Invisalign treatment can vary. However, metal braces often end up costing significantly more than clear aligners because they require more time to move your teeth, which means more visits and more opportunities for breaking your braces.

Schedule an appointment today at 210-951-4444. We’re located at 5837 Babcock Road, in the Carillon Hills Shopping Center.

Discover the Wonders of Invisalign Treatment

With our treatment, you’ll soon enjoy the straighter teeth and proper bite that you’ve been longing for. Here are a few key advantages of coming to our San Antonio dentist office for your care:

Is Invisalign Effective?
  • Dr. John A. Moore was the first and is the largest Elite status Invisalign provider in San Antonio.
  • He and our team have enabled thousands of patients to enjoy more confidence and self-esteem over our 35-year history.
  • Our office features an in-house lab to custom-craft your trays with precision.

Invisalign Treatment Will Work For You

Have you ever been told you are not a candidate for Invisalign treatment? Unfortunately, this is a common practice by dentists who are not experienced enough with the Invisalign system and all that it can do for patients. Fortunately for you, we have that experience.

We have successfully treated numerous patients who were told they were not candidates for the Invisalign method. Pioneering new techniques and having the knowledge and practical experience in using them has given us the ability to achieve what other dentists cannot.

When choosing which dentist to do your Invisalign treatment, it is very important to look at the before and after pictures of the cases treated. Not every dentist has the same skill set when it comes to achieving results. These points will help ensure that you find the best Invisalign dentist. Take a look at some of our success stories below!

Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. was voted one of America’s Top Dentists in Cosmetic Dentistry. Take a moment now to schedule an appointment with him at 210-951-4444. You can also schedule an appointment online. Invisalign can give you the beautiful, straight smile you’ve been waiting for!

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