End Your Toothache with a Root Canal

For a fear-free root canals treatment, Dr. John A. Moore is the San Antonio, TX dentist to turn to for all your restorative dentistry procedures. Cosmetic Dental Associates relies on skill and compassion, not extreme dental sedation, to put our patients’ dental anxiety at ease.

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Dr. John A. Moore is an award-winning dentist who taught restorative dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for an entire decade. He is highly experienced, and you can feel confident that any treatment you receive in his hands will be done with the utmost care. Call us today at 210-951-4444 to schedule your first visit.

Possible Causes Of Root Canal Treatment

An average of 17 million teeth is saved by root canal therapy each year. Stopping the pain and keeping the tooth through root canal procedures is a good solution and the most logical solution. If you need root canals in San Antonio, you will find the following information useful.

A tooth in need of a root canal has a deep-seated infection. If left untreated, it’s possible for the infection to spread to surrounding teeth and your gums. While symptoms vary, you might be in need of a root canal treatment if:

  • Your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold
  • Your gum is swollen or tender around your tooth
  • Your tooth hurts when you use it to chew
  • Your tooth is discolored
  • You have tooth pain that comes and goes throughout the day
  • The dentist sees signs of infection on X-rays

If it’s determined you do need a root canal, Dr. John Moore will begin your appointment by numbing the appropriate area of your mouth. He’ll then enter the narrow channels inside your tooth and clean out the infected pulp. He has a series of files he will use to treat the roots of your tooth. Your tooth, now free of infection, will be covered with a dental crown for appearance, strength, and protection from further damage.

To avoid future root canals, we recommend visiting our San Antonio, TX dentist office every six months for dental cleanings and dental exams. We can also treat your teeth with fluoride to strengthen them against cavities.

We Explain Why You’re in So Much Pain!

Many people associate root canals with pain, but actually, the procedure itself will remove the pain! An infection within your tooth happens when bacteria find an entrance into the tissues inside of your tooth. This usually occurs from one of the following situations:

  • Untreated decay
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • A loose filling
  • A broken dental crown

As the infection occurs, your body’s response system goes into effect. The area becomes inflamed, and you begin to experience pain. There are instances where a root canal is only detected by the dentist, which is why it is important to visit for routine appointments.

Ignoring a toothache can result in a much more dire situation. You may lose your tooth, or the infection may continue to spread throughout your jaw, head, and neck. There are some cases where an untreated infection within the pulp of the tooth actually led to hospitalization.

While your tooth may seem like no big deal, it is connected to your nervous system. The innermost part of the tooth (where the infection occurs) is the soft pulp made up of nerve tissue, lymph tissue, and blood vessels. It is surrounded by harder dentin, which is enclosed in the super hard protective layer called tooth enamel. In order for a root canal to be required, bacteria must make its way all the way to the dental pulp.

A root canals procedure always involves disinfection of the problematic tooth and getting rid of all the debris, such as infected tissue and bacteria, from the pulp chamber and canals. After being cleaned well and shaped, a patient’s tooth canals are filled with material that prevents infection from coming back and the pain that is associated with it.

Don’t fear a painful root canals treatment. Choose a dentist who cares. Schedule your root canal appointment in the San Antonio, TX area with Cosmetic Dental Associates today by calling our San Antonio, TX dentists Dr. John A. Moore and Dr. Gilberto Tostado at 210-951-4444.

Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. has been voted into America’s Top Dentists in Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been recognized for outstanding achievement by the Southwest Society of Prosthodontists, The University of Texas Health Science Center, and Mexican Academy of Prosthodontics.

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