Stop Snoring! Get Sleep Apnea Treatment in San Antonio

When our San Antonio, TX dentist Dr. John A. Moore, Jr. treats you for obstructive sleep apnea, he’s giving you your nights and your days back. No more struggling through each day counting down the moments until you can crawl back into bed. Your lack of sleep goes beyond being tired – it can:

  • Weaken your immune system
  • Increase your risk for accidents
  • Make remembering things difficult
  • Make you put on weight
  • Increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  • Make you moody or depressed

A mouthguard could be the simple solution to your sleep apnea. Call Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX to schedule a sleep apnea consultation: 210-951-4444.

Mouthguards Is A Possible Option

Dr. John A. Moore will make you a custom sleep apnea mouthguard that will be both comfortable and make it possible for you to breathe easier while sleeping. The mouthguard moves your lower jaw forward to create more space in the back of your mouth and throat. An added benefit for your partner – no more disruptive snoring!

Signs You Are Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your airways become blocked at night when you’re lying down. This blockage could be created by your tongue or the tissue and muscles in your throat relaxing. This blockage can cause you to stop breathing dozens of times throughout the night. Sometimes this is treated with a CPAP machine, but a less invasive mouthguard could be the right solution for you.

Some signs you have obstructive sleep apnea could be:

  • Loud, disruptive snoring
  • Waking up feeling tired despite having a full night’s sleep
  • Beginning each morning with a dry mouth or a sore throat

Don’t let your sleep apnea go undiagnosed. Call Cosmetic Dental Associates San Antonio, TX dentist office at 210-951-4444 or use our online form to schedule your sleep apnea  treatment San Antonio, TX area consultation. If Dr. John A. Moore determines you have sleep apnea, it may be possible for him to offer you mouthguards for your treatment.

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